書法比賽 及 徵文比賽

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書法比賽 及 徵文比賽



Hong Kong International Student Innovative Invention Contest 2017

We are extremely proud of our students Suen Ka Hang and  Zhang Ka Lam  who represented our school in the Hong Kong International Student Innovative  Invention Contest 2017 and have won the Gold Award.

The winning glory is not only for our school but also for Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong International Students Innovative Invention Contest is an annual academic event open to students from different countries in the world.  This competition aims at bringing forth the innovative talents among young students.

A total of 362 teams participated including teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Macau. Our students made it to the Gold facing a tight competition from all other teams.

Congratulations to our little innovators!


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J1 e-Learning parents workshop

Our school held two J1 e-Learning parents workshops on 13 December and 20 December. Parents had a chance to know and practise the e-platforms which can enhance their child’s learning and revision.


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Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) - Parents Meeting (Part I)

In order to help students and parents preparing for the SSPA , we held a parents meeting and invited two secondary school principals to share secondary school life. They were Mr. Lau from PLK Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College and Dr. Lee from CCC Ming Kei College. Parents and students got a lot of information from both of them.


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Primary One Admission(POA)2018

Primary One Admission(POA)2018

Registration dates       :  29 - 30 November 2017

Time                 :  9:00am to 5:00pm

Place                 :  School Office

Documents needed      :  

1. POA application form (the yellow one, parents’ copy)  or

2. Birth Certificate

Please note that if a successful applicant fails to turn up for registration during the specified period without prior notice to the school, the place offered is considered to have been forfeited.

Parent can authorize someone to get the result by “Letter of Authorization”.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Mr. Tang Kai Ming or Miss Hui Sau Fun at 21090045.

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Christmas Party 2017

We wish our students and their parents merry Christmas and prosperous 2018 with lots of love, great food and relaxing days.


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Training Day Camp for Prefects

We organized an adventurous outing for the prefects on 9th December, 2017 (Saturday).


  1. To enhance their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of prefects.
  2. To cultivate their morale, discipline and consolidate team spirit.
  3. To strengthen their communication and collaboration skills.

Students were interested in the activities. All of them enjoyed it.



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School Picnic

In order to let our student learn in a different set up, we organized an autumn picnic at Ma On Shan Park (Primary 1-4) / Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre (Primary 5 and 6) on 1st Dec 2017


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Ma On Shan Park (Primary 1-4)


Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre (Primary 5 and 6)

Primary One Admission 2018 List of Successful Applicants for Discretionary Places

Po On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary School

Primary One Admission 2018

List of Successful Applicants for Discretionary Places

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